Pesky Pre-sells Boj To France Televisions

Big game fuels fever for new televisions

Set to air on Zouzous later this year, the humorous series is a co-production with Irish studio Kavaleer Productions and Welsh animation company Cloth Cat. Created by Pesky (The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers), with recognized preschool scribe Dave Ingham (Charlie and Lola, Timmy Time, Fireman Sam, Bob the BuilderandFifi and the Flowertots), the series follows the problem-solving adventures of Boj, a creative and discovery-loving Australian Bilby (marsupial) from Giggly Park who is not unlike a five-year-old boy. Boj is set to make its network television premier this summer on CBeebies in the UK, and has been picked up by additional broadcasters including Sprout (US), ABC (Australia), RTE (Ireland), S4C (Wales), YLE (Finland) and Yoopa (French speaking Canada). The series, which was first introduced at Cartoon Forum 2011, will feature 12 original songs written by Belle and Sebastians Mike Cooke and Jason Donovan is signed on for voice work and theme song duties. UK-based Union Media has also been appointed to distribute the series internationally for all additional territories.

Stolen televisions, and blender, returned to Barrie Walmart

The broadcaster is providing catch-up content from its five channels on the service. Pluzz video-on-demand currently offers about 3,000 titles across a number of genres, with plans to add about 200 titles each month. Hubee already provides the platform for France Televisions Pluzz TV portal. Is OTT good or bad for the future of pay TV? Good

One snapshot in a tragic national picture: Long Island sees exploding heroin use

The affiliated retail chains also see more sales and are offering a lease-and-go deal where people with a source of income, a checking account, credit card and a down payment can lease the TV and take it home that day. They can pay for it with a five-month payment program, Vincelette said. Thats been a good program for the people who cant afford the upfront money. The most popular sellers at Kmart range from 32-inch to the 65-inch TVs because the prices have come down, he said. But choosing a television is no simple task. Among all the manufacturers, the sizes and models, customers have some 60 to 80 TVs to choose from, including the standard formats of plasma, LEDs and LCDs, Marr said. After food, the most sought after Super Bowl prize is control of the TV remote.

France Télévisions taps Hubee for on Free

Chicago Public Schools distributes donated televisions to schools that request them through its Free Things Program. Check with your local school authority for its policy on receiving donated televisions; your system may not accept televisions or may require approval from the school board. Shelters Homeless shelters may use donated televisions for individuals and families who have been evicted or face immediate eviction of their homes. Contact the shelter for their requirements and needs. A shelter that does not have cable or satellite service may take only digital televisions or televisions accompanied by a digital converter box. If the shelter uses televisions for videos or games only, your analog set may work if it has inputs for DVD players, VCRs or game players. Due to space limitations, small televisions are likely preferred to larger sets.


Chris’ mother, Joanne, said she was shocked to learn her son was using the drug. “Heroin? My son? Never. How did I not see that?” Dorothy Johnson, who lost her son Maxwell at age 28, says stigma is keeping families from seeking help. “Our children are just like every other mother or father’s child and they’re not junkies.

Studiocanal, Les Productions de Tresor Team for Maiwenn’s ‘Rien’

Described as a passionate love story, Rien is produced by Alain Attal at his Paris-based Les Productions du Tresor , which is best-known for producing all the films of Guillaume Canet, including the Music Box-released crime thriller Tell No One, which grossed $6.2 million at the U.S. box office in 2008, plus Romain Duris toplined Populaire, and Maiwenns Polisse. Rien will be co-produced by Studiocanal and France 2 Cinema, in association with Canal+ and France Televisions. Studiocanal handles all distribution rights as well as international sales. Principal photography will commence March 10, for 11 weeks, on location in and around Paris and in the south-west France. Maiwenn will direct and also co-wrote the script with Etienne Comar. Rien marks Maiwenns fourth feature and follow-up to Polisse, which hit the sweet spot of critical and festival acclaim, domestic success and international sales, winning the Jury Prize at the 2011 Cannes Festival, snagging 11 nominations at Frances 2012 Cesar Awards, grossing $20.3 million in France, and ramping up spirited international sales via Wild Bunch including an IFC pick-up for the U.S. Rien is also the fourth screenplay written by Etienne Comar, whose credits include the script of Xavier Beauvois Of Gods and Men, a Grand Prize winner at the 2010 Cannes Festival, which received 13 Cesar nominations in 2011.

Places to Donate Televisions

| Feb 04, 2014 | Vote 0 0 Stolen televisions, and blender, returned to Barrie Walmart Barrie Advance A man was arrested at the Bayfield Street Walmart store Monday night after allegedly taking a 32-inch television and blender and not paying for them. While being arrested, the man allegedly said he had previously taken a 52-inch television from the store without paying. A Barrie Police officer went to the mans home and retrieved the television The man was charged with theft, totaling $1,416. |

Super Bowl Tv Ratings Prove America Loves Bad Football And Bruno Mars

4K televisions deliver ultra HD pictures

Broncos-Seahawks is the seventh-highest rated Super Bowl history. Fox notes that the rating for the games final 30 minutes was only 5% lower than the average for the game, meaning people stuck around with the game until the bitter end. 2. Kansas City was more interested in the Super Bowl more than Denver and Seattle? (AP) The home of the Chiefs had the highest rating on Sunday , better than the two cities with teams actually playing in the game. Kansas Citys Fox affiliate pulled a 58.1 rating in overnights, which represents the percentage of homes with televisions that were tuned into the game.

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3, 2014 8:21 p.m. ET As Panasonic Corp.’s vaunted television business fades, a string of lesser-known niche businesses are rising to take its place. These businesseswhich include auto parts, solar panels and airplane entertainment systemshave been quietly building market share for decades. And unlike many of Panasonic’s traditional consumer-electronics products,…

Hey, TV Makers: Televisions Are Not Smartphones

The market is overly optimistic on IBM’s x86 server acquisition,” broker Jefferies & Co said in a report. In the five trading days since Lenovo said it was buying International Business Machines Corp’s low-end server business for $2.3 billion, Lenovo has seen close to $3.7 billion wiped off its market value. At 0349 GMT, Lenovo shares were down 14.5 percent, heading for their biggest one-day loss since plunging 26 percent on January 8, 2009. The benchmark Hang Seng index was down 2.4 percent. Sony has said the media report is inaccurate, but acknowledged it was looking at various possibilities for Vaio.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Smartwatch to Have Curved Screen

IBT has also pointed to the possibility of a flexible screen for the new Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which would make it one of the first flexible smartwatches on the market, behind LG who started mass-producing flexible OLED panels in October of 2013 for a range of products. Set to be a major industry growth area, flexible screens have potential applications in smartphones, tablets, wearable technology, and televisions. Flexible screens are the logical progression for wearable technology like smartwatches, because they allow for a more snug fit on the wrist, and have a larger display area, allowing for more features on the screen. Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Coming Soon The next generation Galaxy Gear could be launched as early as March or April, with MSN Technology reporting that Samsung may unveil the Galaxy Gear 2 alongside the Galaxy S5 at the February 24 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. MSN also reported that a fitness and activity tracker called the Galaxy Band, similar in function to Nikes Fuelband, could also be launching at the event. Why Samsung is Reinventing Galaxy Gear Samsungs first foray into smartwatches, the Galaxy Gear 1, was received less than enthusiastically by consumers and critics alike.

Everyone And Their Mother Watched Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl Performance

Bruno Mars

Televisions Categories: Action , Movies , News , Paramount Pictures , Videos | 0 comments | This weekend, an approximate 100 million or so U.S. citizens will be glued to their television screens as the Seattle Seahawks play the Denver Broncos in the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. For an audience that large, $4 million for a 30-second commercial starts to sound fair, and Paramount Pictures are certainly not shying away from that pricetag. The studio has secured a slot for a new trailer promoting the release of their upcoming biblical epic NOAH , starring Russell Crowe. But you dont have to wait check it out embedded at the bottom of this article!Though mostly made of recycled scenes from the first full trailer , the few new scenes included in this ad aid in portraying the epic feel of the picture. Of note, one sequence seems to depicts comets coming down to Earth that appear to resemble the silhouette of a bird, or as some religious types might insist, are representations of angels. Watch it below and let us know what you think.

As TVs Lose Lustre, Panasonic Pushes Lower-Key Products


After all, early adopters could watch “Avatar” only so many times. By last year, the market for 3-D TVs was dwindling, with ESPN announcing the elimination of its 3-D-only sports channel. INTENSE COLORS The 4K monitors, which hit the market in earnest in 2013, use all of those extra pixels to offer richer, more intense colors. More bad news for the 3-D TV market – 4K screens are so vivid they almost look 3-D. “When people (on screen) are wearing badges, you can now read what’s on the badge,” said Netflix spokesman Joris Evers. “Or if someone is reading a newspaper, you want to make sure that what they’re reading is actually real stuff as opposed to ‘lorem ipsum.’ ” Manufacturers are also beefing up their 4K hardware as they bolster the movies and shows available in the new resolution.

NOAH Super Bowl Spot to Flood U.S. Televisions

Perhaps a bit more surprising was the fact that the showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos or the three-hour-long wait for Denver to do anything whatsoever was the most-watched television show in U.S. History. (111.5 million people tuned in on Sunday, narrowly topping 2012’s 111.3 million.) Not even a day after his blow-out performance, Mars’ Unorthodox Jukebox was also back at #1 on iTunes on Monday morning (February 3). His debut, Doowops and Hooligans, which dropped back in 2010 and houses such hits as “Grenade” and “Marry You” was back at #3 on the overall album list. Just last month, Mars beat out the likes of Robin Thicke, Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Justin Timberlake to take home the award for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 56th annual Grammy Awards.

Lenovo shares dive on Sony PC buy report, downgrades

People walk past a Lenovo shop in Hefei, Anhui province, October 18, 2013. REUTERS/Stringer

The research firm expects consumers to install 23 million smart sets by 2015. The possibilities and potential are exciting, not least to television manufacturers who’ve long been trapped in a dismal, low-margin business. In fact, it’s creating something of a scramble among smart TV makers, many of whom seem to think they’re duking it out to be crowned the Android or iOS of the smart-TV world. The result: A frenzied flowering of TV-based app platforms, few of which are compatible with one another. Which means low odds that any of them are going to attract sustained developer interest unless and until there’s some consolidation behind a few winners, a situation that doesn’t look likely to come about soon. Who’s The Smartest Of Them All? In the race to smarten up televisions, more than a few noteworthy smart-TV operating-system hopefuls are stepping up to the starting line.

4k Televisions Deliver Ultra High-definition Pictures

3 New Products Apple Could Release in 2014

“Now’s the time when the best quality video that you can get is coming to you through the Internet as opposed to any other format,” Evers said. Data demands But to see the full picture, some viewers may need to shell out for pricier broadband plans to handle data-intensive 4K streams. Netflix, for example, is encoding “House of Cards” to stream at 15.6 megabits per second – more than double the 7 megabits per second it uses for HD. YouTube is working a 4K streaming technology that may cut that in half. Still, Phillip Swann , president and CEO of TV industry news site, said people may remain skeptical after all the 3-D hype. “For three years, TV makers tried to persuade consumers that they had to have a 3-D TV,” Swann said in a recent post. “But people didn’t care about 3-D TV and they became weary of the TV makers trying to shove it down their throats.

Rare Football Films: The Newsreels

To be honest I dont really know John Boehner. He has his job. I have mine, Cruz said Thursday during Bloomberg Televisions Market Makers. + reset While Cruz didnt praise Boehner specifically, he lauded the House leadership and conservatives, who he said stood up and fought to defund Obamacare last fall and elevated the national debate. ( QUIZ: How well do you know John Boehner? ) They demonstrated principle and integrity. They listened to the American people.

Next generation of TVs provide a super-sharp picture quality

1965. 10:00 Before televisions were in every home, and long before live streaming, sports newsreels allowed football fans to watch players in action. This hour well talk about the importance of archived footage and discuss some rarely seen historical highlights. Plus well take a look at the surprising influence of the game on American culture. Guests Dave Filipi, film director at Wexner Center for the Arts Andrew Doyle, professor of history at Winthrop University

Western Appliance to close Santa Cruz store March 17

There are several tips one should remember to avoid being a victim of an online rental scam. First, do not wire money to a suspected landlord and remember, regardless how convincing the tale, make sure the person renting the house actually owns it. Also, verify where to go and who to see to pick up the rental key. Make sure that the person and location is valid. Finally, anyone with suspicious concerns should follow their instincts. Even if it means paying a fee, it is often safer dealing with a licensed real estate agent.

Ted Cruz: ‘I don’t really know’ John Boehner

Ted Cruz (left) and John Boehner are shown in this composite photo. | AP Photo

The first mobile payments company to gain traction? That was PayPal, and it’s still the dominant player in the industry. The first movers in payments are normally very dominant. As we’ve seen from Google’s own attempts in the space to gain traction with its Google Wallet program, becoming a player in payments is potentially lucrative, but insanely difficult to break in to. Add it all up That’s just a glance at some of the potential markets Apple could enter across the next two years. Remember that Apple’s introduction of the iPhone created a high-end phone market that’s substantially larger than what existed when Apple was considering entering the mobile space, sothe size of the market today isn’t necessarily the total opportunity. Stock ideas beyond Apple If you’re looking for a technology company that like Apple is at the forefront of a major trend, but is much smaller and still under-the-radar of many investors, we have a limited time offer for you.

Hey, TV Makers: Televisions Are Not Smartphones

(Dan Coyro/Sentinel) 1 SANTA CRUZ — Western Appliance will close its Santa Cruz store at 902 Soquel Ave. on March 17, a move that coincides with the retirement of manager Dale Burdick, whose father began selling televisions some 60 years ago. “It’s about time for me to hang it up,” said Burdick, 65, who stayed home this week to fight the flu. “I hope to enjoy life.” Currently, the store is manned by “five of us,” he said. A graduate of Holy Cross and Oregon State University, he was a teen when he began working for his father and spent his entire career in the appliance business.

Speeding Stop Yields Pot

Students D

In fact, its software already graces TV screens from the likes of Sony, Samsung and Toshiba. LG scooped up WebOSthe admired but ultimately failed smartphone platformand retooled it for televisions . The old Palm Pre and Pixi would hardly recognize the new software now, with its chorus line of app “cards” organized by recent use or relevance. The formerly HP-owned OS will land on more than two-thirds of LG smart TVs this year. Other manufacturers such as Vizio and Sharphave their own proprietary software. Some of these TV makers aren’t restricted to a single approach either. LG’s Google TV sets are still available in the retail market, even got a long-awaited software update last fall , while Phillips has been dallying with Android . Apple, meanwhile, has stayed mum on the integrated smart TV front, but the rumors that it’s developing its own smart television refuse to die. It’s a confusing mess that only gets more baffling when you realize how similar the actual experience of using a smart TV is, no matter what software is involved. You navigate guide data, conduct searches and stream online video from Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, among others.

Brooklyn Cops Release Video Of Killer, Suv Involved In Fatal Jan. 18 Stabbing

Video: iPhone 6 parts purportedly shown in new leak [updated]

in Brooklyn about 12:40 a.m. Jan. 18. Police are looking for a male suspect and a driver who interacted with the suspect and the victim. Related Stories Police are asking for the public’s assistance in finding a suspect who stabbed a man to death on a Bedford-Stuyvesant street and the driver of an SUV who may have interacted with the men moments before the murder, police said. On Friday, cops released security footage the Jan 18 stabbing on Hart St.

Why video is the next big thing in big data

Talk about a close shave! An angry barber lost his cool and almost killed a customer who complained about his cut by stabbing his patron in the chest. Shocking surveillance footage shows Beijing hairdresser Bao piercing his client with scissors after he dared to speak out about his work. Co-workers managed to calm new recruit Bao down and lock him in a side room. RELATED: MAN WHO KILLED NEIGHBORHOOD MENACE ESCAPES CHARGES Shocking surveillance footage shows Beijing hairdresser Bao piercing his client with scissors after he dared to speak out about his work. But he managed to escape through a window before cops arrived on the scene. Shanghaiist reports that the victim was rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery to repair his damaged lung.

Music Video for “Analog Sheep – I Miss My Amiga 500”


Your Facebook name, photo & other personal information you make public on Facebook will appear with your comment, and may be used on ESPN’s media platforms. Learn more . ABOUT THIS BLOG Eamonn Brennan Brennan joined in 2009 after several years of blogging at Yahoo! and other places around the Internet. The Iowa native lives in Chicago with his roommates, his dog, and a crippling addiction to caffeine.

VIDEO: Angry barber stabs customer in chest with scissors after he complains about haircut

So some flicker effects and 2D animations are handled frame by frame using a technique similar to stop-motion. In this 1080p full HD music video, some clips used needed to be resized to 640480 or 320240 and resized back to 19201440. But video editors were destroying the authentic pixel look because of the bicubic approzimation and smoothing algorithms used for resizing the video. Because of this reason the required clips are exported as individual PNG frames and resized to 640480 or 320240 and back to 19201440 using Photoshops nearest neightbourhood algorithm (1 pixel equals 3 pixels). Then the resulting images are brought back together as video sequences again. Of course this music video is on a very different style then a video that might have been produced in Amiga.

Three cops suspended after AAP posts video showing police ‘brutality’

AAP said the video was shot on January 12. “Delhi police is known to be brutal. Every now and then we hear of stories about Delhi police’s brutality. Here is another such video. Not only does the video clearly show Delhi Police’s inhuman behavior but also the urban legend of police extorting money is caught on camera,” AAP said in its message with the video. “This video was shot by a vigilante near Lal Quila,” the party said and asked whether home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde would take action against the policemen involved.

Video: Syracuse runs away from Miami

Researchers at the University of Texas are already using object recognition to create short summaries of long videos so people can know what theyre about without having to rely on titles alone. According to AlchemyAPI Founder and CEO Elliot Turner (wholl be speaking at Structure Data in March about the promise of delivering artificial intelligence capabilities via API), video is in some ways actually easier to work with than images because the temporal natures of the frames adds context that can help self-learning systems understand whats happening. But video data has even more utility than just helping web companies like Google or Facebook understand whats happening in YouTube or Instagram videos. Its also a window into our physical world like no other type of data before. Retailers and companies targeting their business have been particularly quick catching onto this .

Earlier this month C Technology posted what appeared to be the backside of the chassis for the iPhone 6 , and now a video on YouTube from user ConceptsPhone claims to show the front. As with any early leaks, there is no telling whether or not this video is legit, but the leaker claims that the video was filmed at the Apple Factory. Unfortunately, without any other objects in the video with which to compare the parts, we cant determine whether or not the chassis is larger than that of the current generation of iPhones. Check out the video for yourself below. UPDATE: No surprises here turns out the iPhone 6 chassis were looking at in this video is really an iPhone 4s part, according to MacRumors EIC Eric Slivka. His tweet: Video of iPhone 6 chassis starting to make the rounds. Its an iPhone 4s part.

Iceing Cell Phones

Justin Bieber’s Cell Phone Taken by Police After Raid: Singer’s Camp Is “Really Worried,” Source Says

Justin Bieber

(2/2) Previous Next ROCHESTER, Minn. – There are plenty of devices out there meant to help make sure senior citizens are staying safe and independent and one is as simple as making sure they have a three-letter addition to their cell phones. Visiting Angels is an in-home senior care-agency and they are spreading the word on the “ICE Cell Phone Safety Campaign.” You enter the word “ICE” into the phone before the name of an emergency contact. It stands for “In Case of Emergency” That way if someone finds them in an emergency situation they can go into the contacts and know who to call. First responders are trained to look for in case of emergency information and having the sticker on the back of the cell phone specifically says this phone has been iced, there is an emergency contact listed in the phone, said Tara Thomas, a Registered Nurse with Visiting Angels. Visiting Angels said they are more than happy to “ICE” a senior’s cell phone for free or they will teach families how to do it as well. For more information on how to “ICE” your phone visit Visiting Angels’ website .

Police may require a warrant before searching cell phones –, Albany News, Weather, Sports

All this time I was home in tx nobody gave a f–k about what Za is doing ..soon as he gets to La he’s all over the news .” In regards to Lil Za’s tweet in which he referred to his skin color, Lieutenant Thompson of the LASD tells E! News, “I normally don’t respond to ludicrous statements. But you may want to ask the other five-six African-Americans who weren’t arrested. There was no racism involved.” Splash News Meanwhile, Bieber’s pal Kylie Jenner came to the singer’s defense in regards to the entire ordeal. Kylie retweeted a tweet, which read, “Thousands of tax payers dollars were just WASTED by sending 12 ARMED officers with GUNS DRAWN in Justin Bieber’s home to search for Eggs.” She further clarified her feelings on the controversy, admitting she feels empathetic for her pal. “I feel strongly. Just because I know when we’re in positions like that,” the brunette beauty told E!

Supreme Court to rule on when cops can search your cell phone


Company representatives visited with the UT-Arlington team several times last year to discuss collaboration. An agreement between the school and WinMEMS allows UT-Arlington to hold the intellectual property rights to the micro-windmills while WinMEMS explores commercial opportunities. WinMEMS Technology demonstrates the micro-wind turbines. The micro-wind turbines include gears, inductors, pop-up switches and grippers. All of those parts are as tiny as a fraction of the diameter of a human hair.

Micro-wind turbines can recharge cell phones

A micro-windmill and penny

Now think about what it will be like for flight attendants. Imagine the in-flight fights. Its no surprise the Flight Attendants Association was the first to speak out against the policy shift : In far too many operational scenarios, passengers making cell phone calls could extend beyond a mere nuisance, creating negative effects on aviation safety and security that are great and far too risky. There are, however, some solutions that COULD work for onboard cell phone use. We could go back to the future and install a heavily buffered airborne phone booth in the plane. Anyone could go in there and make a call, but would that work well? First, youd end up with one deranged Type A passenger sitting in that booth the entire flight working the phone, and a long line outside of frustrated would-be callers.

“These are the first cases of many that the Supreme Court will decide in the area, so they’ll be very important for the future of the law.” Advertise | AdChoices The Supreme Court Friday granted review of two cases in which the lower courts came to opposite conclusions. In one, a San Diego college student, David Riley, was convicted after police found text messages and pictures on his Samsung smartphone that suggested he took part in gang-related crimes. His conviction was upheld. But in the other, the courts tossed out much of the case against a Massachusetts man arrested on suspicion of dealing drugs. After taking him into custody, police learned where he lived by looking at a log of calls on his cell phone. At his home, they found more drugs and a gun.

Supreme Court to weigh cell phone searches by police

A dog has the last word about going in his kennel. The dog, Blaze protests by telling his owner ‘no!’ The video of the 11-month-old husky’s antics has nearly More >> This is something you have to hear to believe! A dog has the last word about going in his kennel. More >> Updated: Sunday, January 19 2014 10:54 PM EST2014-01-20 03:54:52 GMT Saturday members of an area sorority were downtown serving the homeless a special dinner in honor of the Martin Luther King Holiday. Its part of The 2014 MLK Sunday Supper Forum put on by the Alpha Kappa More >> Saturday members of an area sorority were downtown serving the homeless a special dinner in honor of the Martin Luther King Holiday. More >> Updated: Sunday, January 19 2014 10:46 PM EST2014-01-20 03:46:13 GMT An engineer from Albany is expressing his love for Chehaw Wild Animal Park by writing books about their animals.

Act Now to Stop Cell Phone Calls in Flight


The rules on cell phone searches vary from state to state, which is what led the Supreme Court to announce on Friday that it will hear two criminal appeals. In the cases, which involve drug dealing and a gang shooting, the defendants were convicted on the basis of information the cops found in their phones at the time of their arrest. The cases also reflect how quickly phone technology is evolving, and its implications for privacy. In one case, the evidence at issue is a call log that a cop obtained from a simple flip phone. The other case involves photos and videos taken from a smartphone that were used to establish that the phone owner was a gang member; the cop in the case also found evidence that every entry in the contact list that started with the letter K were proceeded by the letter C, which gang members use to signify Crip Killer. The Supreme Court is expected to hear both cases in late April at which point they will decide if the evidence was admissible without a warrant. In the meantime, the rules for cell phone searches will vary from state to state.

Bengal Govt To Install Cell Phone Jammer In Jails Soon

This will be initially installed in three correctional home- Aliopore Cerntral, Dum Dum Central and Presidency jail- the first correctional homes in the country to get the benefit of this modern technology. The state government was keen to install jammers inside the jail so that the inmates don’t have the scope to make a contact with the outside world but for that the state government needed to have the clearance from the central Cabinet Security Cell- the body that decides the specification and the frequency of these devices. “Recently we have received the nod form the central government and they have referred Bharat Electricals Limited and Electronic Corporation of India Limited for the job. We have asked tenders from both the organization,” state minister for Correctional Services, Haider Ali Safi said. “More importantly as all the telecom companies are launching their 4G services so the present devices which have their frequency set for the 2G and 3G services will not be able to block the voice-over from 4G enabled phones.

Reverse Cell Phone Lookups – How You Can Do It Quickly and Easily Without Hiring a Private Detective

“I thought oh my gosh, seriously, you’re going to put one right on the playground where kids play all day?” Smith said. “I’m not a doctor or engineer, but there’s a ton of literature about the impact on brain development and the health of the children.” Dr. Craig Devinney also is a parent at the school and voiced his concerns to city officials. “Instead of saying prove to me that it’s harmful, prove to me that it’s safe,” he said. “And I don’t think they can do that right now.” Saint Perpetua’s pastor refused to answer NBC Bay Area’s questions regarding safety concerns, but in a letter to parishioners last month the pastor said money motivated the decision for the tower. “Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of data out there and so we have to try to speculate what is the right thing to do,” said Dr.

Controversy Surrounds Planned Cell Phone Tower at Lafayette School

Parents are up in arms over plans to build an AT&T cell phone tower at a Lafayette school. Chase Cain reports.

I saw people I wanted to speak to, like Seth Green and Peter Riegert, who is not only the cousin of my great friend and pop music writer, Joel Selvin, but who was also in the film version of my friend Ann Beatties first novel, Chilly Scenes of Winter. But I felt felt it might be a bit insincere since I hated their show. Also saw Connie Nielsen, with whom Id had lunch a while back in Tiburon, but what do I say? Sorry that thing with Lars Ulrich didnt work out? And, by the way, also sorry Boss was cancelled. And by the way, you are still one of the hottest women in the world, not just because youre beautiful, but because youre smart?

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Carlisle is one of two prisons in Indiana in this program, but officials want implement it in facilities statewide. Cell phones — they’ve changed the way we live. But in the hands of prison inmates, they become a dangerous tool. So the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility added a new weapon to sniff out the danger. NBC 2’s Kellie Bartoli went behind bars for an inside look. In 2012, correctional officers at the prison pulled out 77 cell phones. Last year, it was up to nearly 200. So enter K-9 Dixie…the dog with a nose for phones.

Hidden cell phone may have been used to track slain slumlord: cops

The hidden phone was discovered after the NYPD took Starks car Friday to search for clues to his unsolved murder, a law-enforcement source said. Cops are reviewing records to locate its owner, testing it for fingerprints and investigating further, the source said. Stark, 39, was violently kidnapped as he left his Williamsburg office during a blizzard late on the night of Jan. 2, and his burned body was found the next day in a garbage dumpster in Great Neck, Long Island. Law-enforcement sources have said that Stark who ran rental properties riddled with violations, owed millions in debts and dabbled as a loan shark may have been targeted for a professional hit by an unpaid creditor. Based on surveillance video and witness statements, cops believe he may have been stalked for up to two weeks before being grabbed and killed.

Wait, What… Cell Phones

If the cops wanted to spy on you for 28 days, Sprint, for example, only charges $.04 cents an hour. 28 days is important because of U.S. v. Jones ; “five Supreme Court Justices wrote that government surveillance of one’s public movements for twenty-eight days using a GPS device violated a reasonable expectation of privacy and constituted a Fourth Amendment search.” Privacy researchers Ashkan Soltani and Kevin Bankston “set out to make a targeted contribution to an ongoing conversation about how the Fourth Amendment’s protections can and should be applied to balance out the rapid technology-based expansion of the government’s power to collect information about its citizens.” Since in U.S. v.

Privacy researchers: Cell phone surveillance costs as little as 4 pennies an hour

Average Costs of Different Location Tracking Methods

Carie Wisell often treats pit bulls here at Companion Animal Hospital. “I love them personally, I have very few bad ones here, and the ones that are bad the owners know they’re bad, and we just muzzle More >> Dr. Carie Wisell often treats pit bulls here at Companion Animal Hospital. More >> Updated: Tuesday, January 14 2014 7:08 PM EST2014-01-15 00:08:38 GMT A manhunt continues for a suspect in a child molestation case in Thomas County. Investigators say they’re still looking into how he escaped from the jail. More >> A manhunt continues for a suspect in a child molestation case in Thomas County. Investigators say they’re still looking into how he escaped from the jail. More >> Updated: Tuesday, January 14 2014 7:07 PM EST2014-01-15 00:07:35 GMT Wild life lovers are encouraged to take part in the class beginning on February 8th held at Southwest Georgia Technical College in Thomasville from 8am to 5pm.

Albany residents talk cell phone etiquette

There was an altercation because the victim was using his cell phone. He was texting. He was making a lot of noise, Nocco told CNN . This led to a verbal altercation, the verbal altercation escalated. Also read: How Mark Wahlbergs Lone Survivor Thrived in the Heartland (Video) That led to the man in back pulling a pistol on the couple in front and opening fire, police told multiple media outlets.Both victims were airlifted to a hospital, where the man was pronounced dead.A civilian detained the man inside the theater before deputies arrived and took him into custody, CNN reported. When you hear theres a shooting at a movie theater, the first thing you think is the worst.

Cell Phone-Sniffing Dog Hard at Work at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility

To trace a phone number, all you have to is enter that number in the search box provided and then clicks on search. After a few minutes, you will get access to all the things you need including the private data and a criminal background check. You will be given the best up to date information for both landline numbers and cell phone numbers. Cell Phone Number Name Search There are many reasons why you may be needing reverse phone lookup service. For example, many individuals use reverse phone number lookups to identify and stop prank callers. Another advantage of reverse cell phone lookups is in finding out who your children are speaking to on their cellular phones. Tracing phone numbers offers a huge benefit in resolving potentially life-threatening situations before they get out of hand.

Shooting Over Cell-Phone Use at Florida ‘Lone Survivor’ Screening Kills Man, Wounds Woman

Dorian Awards: Gay and Lesbian Critics Announce TV and Film Nominations

The service we recommend is professional, and one of the most popular on the Internet today. To trace a phone number, all you have to is enter that number in the search box provided and then clicks on search. After a few minutes, you will get access to all the things you need including the private data and a criminal background check. You will be given the best up to date information for both landline numbers and cell phone numbers. Cell Phone Number Name Search There are many reasons why you may be needing reverse phone lookup service. For example, many individuals use reverse phone number lookups to identify and stop prank callers. Another advantage of reverse cell phone lookups is in finding out who your children are speaking to on their cellular phones.

Ces 2014: Samsung Announces 4 New Wb Series Compact Digital Cameras

The WB35F and WB50F sport the same 12x 24-288mm (35mm equivalent) f/3.1-6.3 lens and share pretty much the same features. The difference between them is the larger 75mm / 3-inch HVGA LCD screen found on the 50F versus the 35F’s 67.5mm / 2.7-inch QVGA display panel. On the other hand, the WB1100F comes with a 35x optical zoom 25-875mm (35mm equivalent) f/3-5.9 lens and features dual image stabilization (optical and digital). Samsung WB350F features a 16.3 BSI CMOS sensor, 21x optical zoom 23-483mm (35mm equivalent) f/2.8-5.9 lens as well as a touch-sensitive 75mm / 3-inch HVGA LCD display. Moreover, the camera is coated with a beautiful leatherette that comes in five colors: white, black, brown, red, and blue. All the aforementioned models sport Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities, allowing the cameras to connect with compatible smart devices using the Tag & Go image transfer option.

Canon Cinema EOS C300 Digital Cameras, EOS 5D Mark III Cameras and EOS 7D DSLR Cameras Deliver Needs of a Versatile Director

H dimensions, 100 VAC to 240 VAC input voltage, 13 VDC output voltage, 0 degrees C to 40 degrees C operating temperature, 20 percent to 85 percent humidity, 25 W power & 1.4 lbs. weight. Features of cameras include built-in web server, auto iris servo system aperture, HTTP, DHCP & WV-HTTP protocols, pan, tilt, zoom, brightness, shutter speed, focus speed & white balance camera controls, 16X optical zoom lens & LAN network. Cameras are available with CCTV controls, support equipment, touch panels, tripod mount adapters & wall mounts. Brand Names: Canon, Focus Enhancements, TOA Electronics, Tecnec, Wolf Vision R. Stahl, Inc. – Houston, TX Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 9000:2000 certified custom manufacturer of cameras including water & dust proof color video cameras.

The Differences Between Film-Based and Digital Cameras

The result is a colored halo around objects in the photo. This effect is seen more often in high-contrast situations and around the edges of the photo. Achromatic and apochromatic lenses help reduce this effect, although these lenses are much more expensive as well. Chemical Versus Computer Processes Film camera processing is based on chemistry — on getting hands wet and standing for hours in a darkroom. Using a digital camera results in more time spent in front of a computer screen.

Video Cameras Suppliers

I like the look of the EOS C300 camera, it?s great with low light, and it?s very flexible in different lighting conditions. I like how the slow-motion works almost like a film camera, in that it?s done in-camera and you don?t have to slow it down in post. The EOS C300 camera is also compatible with a lot of different lenses.? The Canon EOS C300 digital cinema camera is available in two versions ? one using industry-standard PL-mount lenses, and the other equipped with an EF lens mount for use with Canon?s line of more than 60 interchangeable EF Series zoom and prime lenses designed for Canon EOS Digital SLR cameras. Canon also offers a series of five EF-mount Cinema prime lenses for the EOS C300 camera (and its companion Cinema cameras the EOS C500 and EOS C100), as well as EF- and PL-mount versions of two top-end Cinema zooms and two compact, lightweight hand-held Cinema zooms that are 4K capable.

Kodak PixPro Smart Lenses SL10 and SL25 turn your smartphone into an awesome digital camera

Kodak PixPro Smart Lenses SL10 and SL25 turn your smartphone into an awesome digital camera

It will be available for $199. As for the PixPro SL25, it will sell for $299, boasting a 24mm ultra wide angle lens and zoom multiplier of 25x. Unfortunately we dont have megapixel counts just yet and well rather have to wait for few more weeks that get those and some other details. We do know that each of the two Smart Lenses has its own internal battery and a microSD memory card slot. Furthermore, it is controlled using a dedicated mobile app, which will likely work with iOS and Android devices, only. Personally I like the idea of camera cases.