Not Returning Late Movie Video Might Get You Arrested Like Kayla Finley Was

Video shows ex-cop demonstrating how he would dismember body

Some might say that this may have been overkill or perhaps a slow day at the old jailhouse, but the police were quite serious as her booking mug shot shows. After being processed the delinquent movie watcher was escorted to her jail quarters for the night, where she could reminisce over the movie, Monster-in-Law which starred Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda. The former owner of the store wanted justice for his missing video and decided to go for reel justice by going to court and gaining a judgment against Finley for failure to return a video or cassette, reports Fox News. It seems that remiss video renter may have been a little more enamored over the movie than she probably should of, because the owner claims he had sent several warning notices to her home concerning the missing movie, according to Fox News . After former video store owner received his court judgment against Finley, the cold case got hot when she showed up at the Pickens County Jail. If there is a lesson to this movie video cautionary tale, it is that it probably pays dividends to simply buy the darned movie instead of spending a night in the pokey courtesy of a movie like the Monster-in-Law __________________________________ Copyright 2014 Kevin Fobbs.

Justin Bieber Lawyers, Media: Hearing Set, Judge To View Jail Video

He scooted around the floor of the stark room in a wheelchair in which they planned to tie up the victim , made moaning sounds to mock Campbells likely terror and wondered what they should do if Campbell had to go to the bathroom. Prosecutors say Mandell and Engel, both reputed underworld associates, planned to kidnap Campbell by posing as cops arresting him on a drug warrant. They would then take him to Club Med and torture him until he gave up his cash and signed over quit-claim deeds on his numerous real estate holdings, prosecutors said. What Mandell didnt know was that George Michael, the Chicago real estate mogul who helped him find and outfit Club Med as a death chamber, was an informant for the FBI. Mandell and Engel were arrested as they showed up at Michaels realty office on North Milwaukee Avenue.


Please report any content that violates the terms. Fraud case jury to view Madoff video Kevin McCoy, USA TODAY 8:16 p.m. EST February 14, 2014 The prospective screening of Madoff video clips for jurors comes in the closing stages of the fraud trial that began in October. File photo shows Bernard Madoff arriving at Manhattan Federal court in New York City for a March 2009 plea hearing. (Photo: Stephen Chernin – Getty Images) Story Highlights Video shows Madoff claiming “it’s virtually impossible” to violate securities rules Defense lawyers said showing Madoff’s lies is the heart of their case Prosecutors argued video might not not show Madoff’s “precise manner” of lying SHARE 8 CONNECT 3 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE NEW YORK Jurors in the fraud case of five former Bernard Madoff employees will see the Ponzi scheme architect himself via excerpts from an Oct. 2007 video.

Video: Sitreps from Benghazi described “coordinated attacks by extremists”

EST February 15, 2014 Blackmagic Pocket Cinema offers RAW video files for movie like quality. (Photo: Sean Fujiwara) Blackmagic’s Pocket Cinema shoots RAW video files for more control The camera sells for $1,000 Comparable to higher-end cameras like the RED, but in small, compact format SHARE 48 CONNECT 31 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE LOS ANGELES As a guy who makes videos for a living, I love shooting on DSLRs because the images shot on those large sensors look amazing. The only drawback: The video files are heavily compressed, and there’s no way to obtain higher quality footage without expensive accessories. The other option is to step up to big, expensive cameras like a RED or Sony F-Series. However, now there’s a video camera for all of us the Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera. It can shoot in RAW and sells for $1,000. The good news about using the Black Magic: the images look terrific.

Video games are good for you, may help manage dyslexia

+1 New research from Oxford University indicates that playing action games can help people better manage dyslexia , a common learning disability that makes it difficult for people to read, write, and spell. As reported by NPR and FOX News , though many programs that aim to help people with dyslexia focus on words and phonetics, the Oxford researchers say dyslexia is actually rooted in attention. Therefore, approaches to helping those struggling with the disability should focus on training the brain’s attention system, which video games can do quite well. “These video games require you to respond very quickly, to shift attention to one part of the screen to another,” experimental psychologist and lead study author Vanessa Harrar said. The study , “Multisensory Integration and Attention in Developmental Dyslexia,” was published this month in Cell Biology .

Black Magic video camera: Great videos, cool design

black magic

Fox News is told that after an update from personnel on the ground, Washingtons singular focus on the video left participants in Libya baffled, angry and dismayed that Morell seemed to dismiss their on-the-ground reporting. Instead, Hillary Clinton and the White House insisted that it was a demonstration over the video: Weve done a forensic on that event. Weve never found a reference to demonstrations from individuals who were on the ground whether its the chief of station in Tripoli, whether its the diplomatic security, or the GRS (Global Response Staff) that went from day one, all referrals were an attack that was underway that continued well into the night and to the (CIA) annex. Yet on Sept. 14 when the bodies of Stevens, Foreign Service officer Sean Smith, as well as Woods and Doherty, were flown to Andrews Air Force base then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continued to talk about the video. Weve seen the heavy assault on our post in Benghazi that took the lives of those brave men,Clinton told the somber gathering.Weve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing do to with. Thats not to say that the video might not have played a role in motivating the attack, although thats still speculative , too. The New York Times David Kirkpatrick wrote that the news of the video enraged locals in his lengthy report from December , but that report has its problems, too. Kirkpatrick wrote that there was no evidence that al-Qaeda terrorist leader Abu Sufian bin Qumu had nothing to do with the attack, only to have the Obama administration declare that he did .

Video surfaces of BART police Tasing passenger

He told ABC7 News, “In my years of policing experience, when somebody acts the way this person did there’s usually something else going on and low and behold we find out at the end this guy has a felony no bail warrant out of the California Department of Corrections.” “Even though he wasn’t that cooperative, that doesn’t mean you get to just tase him,” said Oakland civil rights attorney John Burris. He thinks the second tasing is particularly troublesome. “You don’t see the threat and that’s the part that’s troubling. This is the concern we’ve always had with Tasers, that you’re supposed to use it in a defensive position, but here it was being used offensively.” Rainey says the incident should’ve been recorded by the BART officer’s lapel camera, but he hasn’t seen that video. As is routine in any use of force case, the department’s independent police auditor will investigate. ABC7 News asked a few people on the street what they thought of the video; many agreed with the chief, that the man should have obeyed.

Fraud case jury to view Madoff video

GTY 85392977

Police described the teen star and fellow arrestee singer Khalil Sharieff, 19, as preparing for an illegal street drag race.Both were taken to the station for tests, booking and processing. The singers lawyers filed a February 7 instant preliminary motion to prevent further jail video being released, the day after footage of Bieber getting a pat down at the station was leaked by Miami police last Thursday. In the motion, Biebers lawyers stated the prosecution told them sensitive [exempt] images of the star existed on police footage and that the Miami-Dade State Attorney Office told them there was a pending request by news media outlets for the custody video footage. Lead attorney Roy Black stated in papers that his client was, Captured on videotape in various states of undress which show intimate personal parts of the defendants body. Further explicit information that Bieber is seen stumbling and going to the bathroom in a holding cell, emerged via a law enforcement source to TMZ earlier this week. In documents, the Canadian stars legal team asked the Florida County Court to order a stay on all disclosures including the Miami Beach Police Department, State Attorneys Office and media, of all public records containing electronic media of Bieber while he was in custody at the station to prevent irreparable harm before a court hearing.

Madoff Lies in 2007 Video Would Confuse Jury, U.S. Says

If you were scandalized by the cover art for Taylor Momsen s latest album, then you might want to skip her new music video. The Pretty Reckless frontwoman disrobes part way through the video for Heaven Knows, revealing a naked torso save for strategically-placed body paint. In fact, the black paint is the same kind of arrow that Momsen sports on her back for her bands Going to Hell album cover . The 20-year-old singer shared a link to the video on Twitter Thursday. Check out our new video here … and send me your fav screen cap, Momsen wrote, no doubt knowing which image from the clip would attract the most attention.

Video: Crowds gather in Rio for Apple’s 1st Latin American store

FORTUNE –Apple’s( AAPL )iPhone may be approaching saturation in North America, but Latin America is wide open territory. Brazil is particularly interesting. It’s the largest country on the continent (pop. 200 million) and it’s demonstrated an appetite for iPhones despite prices that are the highest in the world. Due to stiff import duties, an unlocked iPhone 5s that sells for $649 in the U.S. costs 2,799 reais ($1,174) in Brazil.

Taylor Momsen reveals nearly naked body in ‘Heaven Knows’ music video

The defense lawyers also cant prove that Madoff was actually lying in the video, Jackson wrote. The video was taken around the time Madoff duped inspectors from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the auditing company KPMG . Madoff, 75, arrested after his confession to the scam in December 2008, is serving a 150-year sentence in a federal prison in North Carolina . He told a judge during his plea hearing that hed carried out the fraud on his own. Five Defendants The defendants are Annette Bongiorno, who ran the investment advisory unit at the center of the fraud; Joann Crupi, who managed large accounts and is represented by Breslin; Daniel Bonventre, the ex-operations chief of Madoffs broker-dealer unit; and computer programmers George Perez and Jerome OHara, accused of writing code to automate the deception as the scheme expanded in the 1990s.


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