Televisions Stolen From St. Joe Hospital

Springfield police: Flat screen televisions and jewelry among items taken during 3 residential break-ins

FWPD released this image of a suspect in a theft from St. Joe Hospital. Anyone with information on the suspect pictured is asked to callCrime Stoppers at (260) 436-STOP or the police non- emergency number(260) 427-1222. The two TVs were stolen late on the night of January 31, 2014, according to the police report. A new culinary management company spent the day setting everything up as they began to take over the cafeteria and food services for the company. The vice president of Metz Culinary Management told police he had seen the suspect found on surveillance several times throughout the day and saw him take packets of ketchup and mustard from the condiment area. According to the police report, the cafeteria was closed off at the time of the theft and the suspect would have had to climb over a locked gate to get one of the TVs.

FWPD released this image of a suspect in a theft from St. Joe Hospital.

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In the first break-in, believed to have happened some time after 8 a.m. Saturday, a Leopold Street man reported that one or more suspects smashed his bedroom window and made off with a 46-inch flat screen television and an undisclosed amount of cash, according to the department’s Facebook page . Leopold Street is located in the Pine Point neighborhood. In another break, reported late Saturday night, a Forest Park neighborhood man reported the rear door of his Sumner Avenue home had been broken into and that two flat screens televisions and other miscellaneous items were taken. The third break-in was reported Sunday night on Newhouse Street in the Sixteen Acres neighborhood. The victim told police one or more suspects gained entry by breaking a rear window and that jewelry or other items were taken. Additional information was not immediately available.

Tiny Nanotube Antennas May Yield Better Signals in Cell Phones, Televisions – New Product

The 24-year-old Ukrainian skier, Bogdana Matsotska , who was supposed to compete in the slalom Friday, posted a message on her Facebook page Thursday saying that she and her father-coach, Oleg Matsotskyy, would return home instead. We, members of the National Olympic Team of Ukraine, are outraged by the latest actions of the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, who drowned the last hopes of Ukrainians in blood instead of solving the conflict through negotiations, she wrote. He has violated the eternal rule of the Olympics peace during the Games. To show solidarity with the opposition and in protest of what she called the bandit president and his lackey government, she said she refused to continue competing at the Olympics. May the heroes killed for the freedom of Ukraine rest in peace! she wrote. On Wednesday, as the casualties mounted in Ukraine, a controversy developed here over whether Ukrainian competitors could wear black armbands to mourn the dead. The International Olympic Committee denied it had banned them, but it clearly was discouraging attention to the conflict and said an alternative to armbands should be found.

UPDATE 2-Appliance retailer Conn’s warns on profits, shares plunge

A variety of models are launched from time to time with different features and unique characteristics. However, individuals who buy these technologically advanced televisions might not be aware of the technical details. Screen resolution plays a great role in the entire TV viewing experience. At , individuals can find a variety of information on importance of screen resolution and how a TV needs to be selected based on certain characteristics. Smart TVs are most wanted these days.

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Rival Hhgregg Inc in January reported a steep fall in quarterly profit and slashed its fiscal 2014 earnings forecast due to declining demand for televisions and tablets. For the year ending Jan. 31, 2015, Conn’s forecast earnings of $3.40-$3.70 per share, down from a range of $3.80-$4.00 issued in December. Analysts on average expect a profit of $3.96, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. For the fourth quarter, Conn’s said it expected adjusted earnings of 75-80 cents per share, far below the average analyst estimate of 93 cents per share. Conn’s estimated net sales of $301.6 million for the fourth quarter, below analysts’ estimates of $361.5 million. Conn’s shares were down 33 percent at $37.34 in heavy trading on Thursday.

Ukrainian Olympic skier skips slalom in protest of government violence in Kiev

“Once we figure out all the parameters that are needed to fine tune them, both physically and chemically, we hope to turn these tubes into powerful little antennas.” If all goes well, the tubes could start appearing in consumer products within five to ten years, he predicts. The finding hinges on a well-known but counterintuitive theory called “stochastic resonance” that claims noise, or unwanted signals, can actually improve the detection of faint electrical signals. Kosko set out to show that the theory was applicable at the nano scale. Under controlled laboratory conditions, Kosko’s graduate student, Ian Lee, generated a sequence of faint electrical signals ranging from weak to strong. In combination with noise, the faint signals were then exposed to devices with and without carbon nanotubes. The signals were significantly enhanced in the container with the nanotubes compared to those without nanotubes, Kosko says.

10x More Ultra HD TVs Will Be Sold This Year


For more safety tips, check out Safekids television safety page The television that fell on Colby was described as an old fashioned CRT TV. Kate mentioned that as people upgrade their televisions to flat-screens, the CRTs are making their way into bedrooms sitting on taller pieces of furniture which can be a safety concern. The news of a child being injured or killed is never easy to hear or deliver. It is especially troubling when a child is killed by a common household item. Televisions are not usually tagged as danger items which is probably why the injury statistics are growing.

5 tips for keeping kids safe from falling TVs

Most entry-level Ultra HD TV panels shipped in 2014 will be sized 39-, 50-, 42-, 48- and 49-inch while high-end units will be sized 55-, 58-, 60-, 65-, 70-, 84- and 85-inch, the sources revealed. Check out our gallery of Crazy TV Designs below . . . Additional Resources Explore HDTV reviews in our HDTV Review section 20 Crazy TV Designs The following list shows off some of the more creative television designs since the birth of the format.

Not Returning Late Movie Video Might Get You Arrested Like Kayla Finley Was

Video shows ex-cop demonstrating how he would dismember body

Some might say that this may have been overkill or perhaps a slow day at the old jailhouse, but the police were quite serious as her booking mug shot shows. After being processed the delinquent movie watcher was escorted to her jail quarters for the night, where she could reminisce over the movie, Monster-in-Law which starred Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda. The former owner of the store wanted justice for his missing video and decided to go for reel justice by going to court and gaining a judgment against Finley for failure to return a video or cassette, reports Fox News. It seems that remiss video renter may have been a little more enamored over the movie than she probably should of, because the owner claims he had sent several warning notices to her home concerning the missing movie, according to Fox News . After former video store owner received his court judgment against Finley, the cold case got hot when she showed up at the Pickens County Jail. If there is a lesson to this movie video cautionary tale, it is that it probably pays dividends to simply buy the darned movie instead of spending a night in the pokey courtesy of a movie like the Monster-in-Law __________________________________ Copyright 2014 Kevin Fobbs.

Justin Bieber Lawyers, Media: Hearing Set, Judge To View Jail Video

He scooted around the floor of the stark room in a wheelchair in which they planned to tie up the victim , made moaning sounds to mock Campbells likely terror and wondered what they should do if Campbell had to go to the bathroom. Prosecutors say Mandell and Engel, both reputed underworld associates, planned to kidnap Campbell by posing as cops arresting him on a drug warrant. They would then take him to Club Med and torture him until he gave up his cash and signed over quit-claim deeds on his numerous real estate holdings, prosecutors said. What Mandell didnt know was that George Michael, the Chicago real estate mogul who helped him find and outfit Club Med as a death chamber, was an informant for the FBI. Mandell and Engel were arrested as they showed up at Michaels realty office on North Milwaukee Avenue.


Please report any content that violates the terms. Fraud case jury to view Madoff video Kevin McCoy, USA TODAY 8:16 p.m. EST February 14, 2014 The prospective screening of Madoff video clips for jurors comes in the closing stages of the fraud trial that began in October. File photo shows Bernard Madoff arriving at Manhattan Federal court in New York City for a March 2009 plea hearing. (Photo: Stephen Chernin – Getty Images) Story Highlights Video shows Madoff claiming “it’s virtually impossible” to violate securities rules Defense lawyers said showing Madoff’s lies is the heart of their case Prosecutors argued video might not not show Madoff’s “precise manner” of lying SHARE 8 CONNECT 3 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE NEW YORK Jurors in the fraud case of five former Bernard Madoff employees will see the Ponzi scheme architect himself via excerpts from an Oct. 2007 video.

Video: Sitreps from Benghazi described “coordinated attacks by extremists”

EST February 15, 2014 Blackmagic Pocket Cinema offers RAW video files for movie like quality. (Photo: Sean Fujiwara) Blackmagic’s Pocket Cinema shoots RAW video files for more control The camera sells for $1,000 Comparable to higher-end cameras like the RED, but in small, compact format SHARE 48 CONNECT 31 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE LOS ANGELES As a guy who makes videos for a living, I love shooting on DSLRs because the images shot on those large sensors look amazing. The only drawback: The video files are heavily compressed, and there’s no way to obtain higher quality footage without expensive accessories. The other option is to step up to big, expensive cameras like a RED or Sony F-Series. However, now there’s a video camera for all of us the Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera. It can shoot in RAW and sells for $1,000. The good news about using the Black Magic: the images look terrific.

Video games are good for you, may help manage dyslexia

+1 New research from Oxford University indicates that playing action games can help people better manage dyslexia , a common learning disability that makes it difficult for people to read, write, and spell. As reported by NPR and FOX News , though many programs that aim to help people with dyslexia focus on words and phonetics, the Oxford researchers say dyslexia is actually rooted in attention. Therefore, approaches to helping those struggling with the disability should focus on training the brain’s attention system, which video games can do quite well. “These video games require you to respond very quickly, to shift attention to one part of the screen to another,” experimental psychologist and lead study author Vanessa Harrar said. The study , “Multisensory Integration and Attention in Developmental Dyslexia,” was published this month in Cell Biology .

Black Magic video camera: Great videos, cool design

black magic

Fox News is told that after an update from personnel on the ground, Washingtons singular focus on the video left participants in Libya baffled, angry and dismayed that Morell seemed to dismiss their on-the-ground reporting. Instead, Hillary Clinton and the White House insisted that it was a demonstration over the video: Weve done a forensic on that event. Weve never found a reference to demonstrations from individuals who were on the ground whether its the chief of station in Tripoli, whether its the diplomatic security, or the GRS (Global Response Staff) that went from day one, all referrals were an attack that was underway that continued well into the night and to the (CIA) annex. Yet on Sept. 14 when the bodies of Stevens, Foreign Service officer Sean Smith, as well as Woods and Doherty, were flown to Andrews Air Force base then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continued to talk about the video. Weve seen the heavy assault on our post in Benghazi that took the lives of those brave men,Clinton told the somber gathering.Weve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing do to with. Thats not to say that the video might not have played a role in motivating the attack, although thats still speculative , too. The New York Times David Kirkpatrick wrote that the news of the video enraged locals in his lengthy report from December , but that report has its problems, too. Kirkpatrick wrote that there was no evidence that al-Qaeda terrorist leader Abu Sufian bin Qumu had nothing to do with the attack, only to have the Obama administration declare that he did .

Video surfaces of BART police Tasing passenger

He told ABC7 News, “In my years of policing experience, when somebody acts the way this person did there’s usually something else going on and low and behold we find out at the end this guy has a felony no bail warrant out of the California Department of Corrections.” “Even though he wasn’t that cooperative, that doesn’t mean you get to just tase him,” said Oakland civil rights attorney John Burris. He thinks the second tasing is particularly troublesome. “You don’t see the threat and that’s the part that’s troubling. This is the concern we’ve always had with Tasers, that you’re supposed to use it in a defensive position, but here it was being used offensively.” Rainey says the incident should’ve been recorded by the BART officer’s lapel camera, but he hasn’t seen that video. As is routine in any use of force case, the department’s independent police auditor will investigate. ABC7 News asked a few people on the street what they thought of the video; many agreed with the chief, that the man should have obeyed.

Fraud case jury to view Madoff video

GTY 85392977

Police described the teen star and fellow arrestee singer Khalil Sharieff, 19, as preparing for an illegal street drag race.Both were taken to the station for tests, booking and processing. The singers lawyers filed a February 7 instant preliminary motion to prevent further jail video being released, the day after footage of Bieber getting a pat down at the station was leaked by Miami police last Thursday. In the motion, Biebers lawyers stated the prosecution told them sensitive [exempt] images of the star existed on police footage and that the Miami-Dade State Attorney Office told them there was a pending request by news media outlets for the custody video footage. Lead attorney Roy Black stated in papers that his client was, Captured on videotape in various states of undress which show intimate personal parts of the defendants body. Further explicit information that Bieber is seen stumbling and going to the bathroom in a holding cell, emerged via a law enforcement source to TMZ earlier this week. In documents, the Canadian stars legal team asked the Florida County Court to order a stay on all disclosures including the Miami Beach Police Department, State Attorneys Office and media, of all public records containing electronic media of Bieber while he was in custody at the station to prevent irreparable harm before a court hearing.

Madoff Lies in 2007 Video Would Confuse Jury, U.S. Says

If you were scandalized by the cover art for Taylor Momsen s latest album, then you might want to skip her new music video. The Pretty Reckless frontwoman disrobes part way through the video for Heaven Knows, revealing a naked torso save for strategically-placed body paint. In fact, the black paint is the same kind of arrow that Momsen sports on her back for her bands Going to Hell album cover . The 20-year-old singer shared a link to the video on Twitter Thursday. Check out our new video here … and send me your fav screen cap, Momsen wrote, no doubt knowing which image from the clip would attract the most attention.

Video: Crowds gather in Rio for Apple’s 1st Latin American store

FORTUNE –Apple’s( AAPL )iPhone may be approaching saturation in North America, but Latin America is wide open territory. Brazil is particularly interesting. It’s the largest country on the continent (pop. 200 million) and it’s demonstrated an appetite for iPhones despite prices that are the highest in the world. Due to stiff import duties, an unlocked iPhone 5s that sells for $649 in the U.S. costs 2,799 reais ($1,174) in Brazil.

Taylor Momsen reveals nearly naked body in ‘Heaven Knows’ music video

The defense lawyers also cant prove that Madoff was actually lying in the video, Jackson wrote. The video was taken around the time Madoff duped inspectors from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the auditing company KPMG . Madoff, 75, arrested after his confession to the scam in December 2008, is serving a 150-year sentence in a federal prison in North Carolina . He told a judge during his plea hearing that hed carried out the fraud on his own. Five Defendants The defendants are Annette Bongiorno, who ran the investment advisory unit at the center of the fraud; Joann Crupi, who managed large accounts and is represented by Breslin; Daniel Bonventre, the ex-operations chief of Madoffs broker-dealer unit; and computer programmers George Perez and Jerome OHara, accused of writing code to automate the deception as the scheme expanded in the 1990s.

How To Sell Waterproof Gadgets, Sony Edition

Sony sells waterproof MP3 player inside a bottle of water

The Bottled Walkman campaign seen in the above video tells the tale of Sonys $100 W Series wearable MP3 player being stuffed into bottles of water and sold in vending machines at a swim training center. As The Next Web reports , these gadget-filled water bottles made the rounds in New Zealand thanks to an ad agency there. No word on a broader push this seems mostly like a proof-of-concept marketing test more than anything else. A true test, of course, would be to put these things into vending machines that only accepted $1 bills.

Creative Zen X-Fi MP3 Player

The earbuds, which Creative also sells separately for $80, fit snugly in the listeners’ ears and provide clear low-end audio, with midrange treble that isn’t tinny. Creative’s highly touted X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity Audio playback goes far in helping this player sound amazing. Its signal-to-noise ratio of 83 dB is second only to the SanDisk Sansa Connect’s 84 dB in our tests. And the X-Fi earned the best rating of any player we’ve tested in terms of harmonic distortion and noise–at a barely registering 0.01 percent. What does that mean for your ears?

Sony Sells Waterproof MP3 Player In Bottles Of Water

Subscribe to Ubergizmo on Youtube Sony Sells Waterproof MP3 Player In Bottles Of Water By Tyler Lee on 02/11/2014 Marketing is important when it comes to selling a product because not only does a product have to sell based on its own merits, but at the same time it has to have an appeal, such as a specific look, a lifestyle, and so on. Sony has done just that with their W series Walkman MP3 player , which for those unfamiliar, is a pair of earphones with an MP3 player built into them itself. This means that there will not be an additional cable that attaches to your phone, making it a pretty portable device and great for the gym, which is exactly how Sony is marketing it. Teaming up with advertising firm, DraftFCB over in New Zealand, Sony has decided to market their W series Walkman by placing them inside of water bottles and selling them at locations such as gym and indoor pools from vending machines. Naturally the fact that it comes inside a water bottle highlights how the MP3 player is waterproof, making it ideal for gym goers who might be worried that sweat and light washing of their earphones might damage the device, and swimmers who might want to swim with their headphones on.

Sony Sells Waterproof MP3 Players In Water-Billed Bottles Via Vending Machines

Sony has managed to continue its Walkman line over the years, moving from the cassette tape all the way to the digital audio file format era. However, any ordinary MP3 player is not going to raise eyebrows, so Sony decided to get the job done by introducing waterproof MP3 players that will be sold in vending machines. There is a catch to it though, as these waterproof MP3 players have been placed in water-filled bottles before being sold via vending machines. According to DraftFCB, which is an Auckland, New Zealand-based advertising and marketing agency. Known as the worlds first Bottled Walkman, it offers a new way for Sony to show off its product which will be able to instantly demonstrate its benefit.

11, 2014 1:06 pm Even though MP3 players are all but dead in favor of smartphones except for that occasional person you see with a flip phone and a personal MP3 player on public transportation who blows your mind they still fill a specific void in the world of electronics. A tiny MP3 player resistant to the elements is almost always more desirable to bring with you whenever youre doing something that is unsafe to an expensive smartphone. Sony is looking to corner the market on underwater music enjoyment, and released a waterproof MP3 player. However, to prove that the device is truly waterproof, Sony employed the tactic of clever marketing, and is selling the MP3 player inside a bottle of water. Sonys product was initially released inside special vending machines deployed at pools, showing customers that not only is the device waterproof, but purchasing it is as easy as buying a bottle of water. Though listening to music while swimming isnt an entirely new concept, its still not as pervasive an idea as Sony would like.

SanDisk Announces New MP3 Player Designed for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

About SanDisk SanDisk Corporation ( SNDK ), a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company, is a global leader in flash storage solutions. For more than 25 years, SanDisk has expanded the possibilities of storage, providing trusted and innovative products that have transformed the electronics industry. Today, SanDisks quality, state-of-the-art solutions are at the heart of many of the world’s largest data centers, and embedded in advanced smart phones, tablets and PCs. SanDisks consumer products are available at hundreds of thousands of retail stores worldwide. For more information, visit . 1 Based on continuous playback at 128 kbps MP3; actual life and performance may vary depending upon usage and settings; battery not replaceable.

Audiophile MP3 players, by the numbers

Frequency response test chart of the Creative Zen MP3 player.

Unlike Jasmine and myself, Eric never actually listens to the MP3 players we review. Instead, he reformats the player, makes sure the latest firmware is installed, and transfers over a few white noise and sine wave audio files. Finally, he connects a Audio Precision ATS-2 Audio Analyzer to the headphone output of the MP3 player to reveal details such as the MP3 player’s signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), total harmonic distortion (THD+N), frequency response deviation, maximum power output, and stereo crosstalk. We’ve been testing our MP3 players this way for more than a year, but you wouldn’t know it from reading our reviews because we’ve never included the data. Here’s why: It’s boring. Most MP3 players spit out the same results during testing, especially when you consider that a variance of +/- 5dB in each testing measure is indistinguishable to the human ear.

Pesky Pre-sells Boj To France Televisions

Big game fuels fever for new televisions

Set to air on Zouzous later this year, the humorous series is a co-production with Irish studio Kavaleer Productions and Welsh animation company Cloth Cat. Created by Pesky (The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers), with recognized preschool scribe Dave Ingham (Charlie and Lola, Timmy Time, Fireman Sam, Bob the BuilderandFifi and the Flowertots), the series follows the problem-solving adventures of Boj, a creative and discovery-loving Australian Bilby (marsupial) from Giggly Park who is not unlike a five-year-old boy. Boj is set to make its network television premier this summer on CBeebies in the UK, and has been picked up by additional broadcasters including Sprout (US), ABC (Australia), RTE (Ireland), S4C (Wales), YLE (Finland) and Yoopa (French speaking Canada). The series, which was first introduced at Cartoon Forum 2011, will feature 12 original songs written by Belle and Sebastians Mike Cooke and Jason Donovan is signed on for voice work and theme song duties. UK-based Union Media has also been appointed to distribute the series internationally for all additional territories.

Stolen televisions, and blender, returned to Barrie Walmart

The broadcaster is providing catch-up content from its five channels on the service. Pluzz video-on-demand currently offers about 3,000 titles across a number of genres, with plans to add about 200 titles each month. Hubee already provides the platform for France Televisions Pluzz TV portal. Is OTT good or bad for the future of pay TV? Good

One snapshot in a tragic national picture: Long Island sees exploding heroin use

The affiliated retail chains also see more sales and are offering a lease-and-go deal where people with a source of income, a checking account, credit card and a down payment can lease the TV and take it home that day. They can pay for it with a five-month payment program, Vincelette said. Thats been a good program for the people who cant afford the upfront money. The most popular sellers at Kmart range from 32-inch to the 65-inch TVs because the prices have come down, he said. But choosing a television is no simple task. Among all the manufacturers, the sizes and models, customers have some 60 to 80 TVs to choose from, including the standard formats of plasma, LEDs and LCDs, Marr said. After food, the most sought after Super Bowl prize is control of the TV remote.

France Télévisions taps Hubee for on Free

Chicago Public Schools distributes donated televisions to schools that request them through its Free Things Program. Check with your local school authority for its policy on receiving donated televisions; your system may not accept televisions or may require approval from the school board. Shelters Homeless shelters may use donated televisions for individuals and families who have been evicted or face immediate eviction of their homes. Contact the shelter for their requirements and needs. A shelter that does not have cable or satellite service may take only digital televisions or televisions accompanied by a digital converter box. If the shelter uses televisions for videos or games only, your analog set may work if it has inputs for DVD players, VCRs or game players. Due to space limitations, small televisions are likely preferred to larger sets.


Chris’ mother, Joanne, said she was shocked to learn her son was using the drug. “Heroin? My son? Never. How did I not see that?” Dorothy Johnson, who lost her son Maxwell at age 28, says stigma is keeping families from seeking help. “Our children are just like every other mother or father’s child and they’re not junkies.

Studiocanal, Les Productions de Tresor Team for Maiwenn’s ‘Rien’

Described as a passionate love story, Rien is produced by Alain Attal at his Paris-based Les Productions du Tresor , which is best-known for producing all the films of Guillaume Canet, including the Music Box-released crime thriller Tell No One, which grossed $6.2 million at the U.S. box office in 2008, plus Romain Duris toplined Populaire, and Maiwenns Polisse. Rien will be co-produced by Studiocanal and France 2 Cinema, in association with Canal+ and France Televisions. Studiocanal handles all distribution rights as well as international sales. Principal photography will commence March 10, for 11 weeks, on location in and around Paris and in the south-west France. Maiwenn will direct and also co-wrote the script with Etienne Comar. Rien marks Maiwenns fourth feature and follow-up to Polisse, which hit the sweet spot of critical and festival acclaim, domestic success and international sales, winning the Jury Prize at the 2011 Cannes Festival, snagging 11 nominations at Frances 2012 Cesar Awards, grossing $20.3 million in France, and ramping up spirited international sales via Wild Bunch including an IFC pick-up for the U.S. Rien is also the fourth screenplay written by Etienne Comar, whose credits include the script of Xavier Beauvois Of Gods and Men, a Grand Prize winner at the 2010 Cannes Festival, which received 13 Cesar nominations in 2011.

Places to Donate Televisions

| Feb 04, 2014 | Vote 0 0 Stolen televisions, and blender, returned to Barrie Walmart Barrie Advance A man was arrested at the Bayfield Street Walmart store Monday night after allegedly taking a 32-inch television and blender and not paying for them. While being arrested, the man allegedly said he had previously taken a 52-inch television from the store without paying. A Barrie Police officer went to the mans home and retrieved the television The man was charged with theft, totaling $1,416. |

Super Bowl Tv Ratings Prove America Loves Bad Football And Bruno Mars

4K televisions deliver ultra HD pictures

Broncos-Seahawks is the seventh-highest rated Super Bowl history. Fox notes that the rating for the games final 30 minutes was only 5% lower than the average for the game, meaning people stuck around with the game until the bitter end. 2. Kansas City was more interested in the Super Bowl more than Denver and Seattle? (AP) The home of the Chiefs had the highest rating on Sunday , better than the two cities with teams actually playing in the game. Kansas Citys Fox affiliate pulled a 58.1 rating in overnights, which represents the percentage of homes with televisions that were tuned into the game.

(Getty Images)

3, 2014 8:21 p.m. ET As Panasonic Corp.’s vaunted television business fades, a string of lesser-known niche businesses are rising to take its place. These businesseswhich include auto parts, solar panels and airplane entertainment systemshave been quietly building market share for decades. And unlike many of Panasonic’s traditional consumer-electronics products,…

Hey, TV Makers: Televisions Are Not Smartphones

The market is overly optimistic on IBM’s x86 server acquisition,” broker Jefferies & Co said in a report. In the five trading days since Lenovo said it was buying International Business Machines Corp’s low-end server business for $2.3 billion, Lenovo has seen close to $3.7 billion wiped off its market value. At 0349 GMT, Lenovo shares were down 14.5 percent, heading for their biggest one-day loss since plunging 26 percent on January 8, 2009. The benchmark Hang Seng index was down 2.4 percent. Sony has said the media report is inaccurate, but acknowledged it was looking at various possibilities for Vaio.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Smartwatch to Have Curved Screen

IBT has also pointed to the possibility of a flexible screen for the new Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which would make it one of the first flexible smartwatches on the market, behind LG who started mass-producing flexible OLED panels in October of 2013 for a range of products. Set to be a major industry growth area, flexible screens have potential applications in smartphones, tablets, wearable technology, and televisions. Flexible screens are the logical progression for wearable technology like smartwatches, because they allow for a more snug fit on the wrist, and have a larger display area, allowing for more features on the screen. Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Coming Soon The next generation Galaxy Gear could be launched as early as March or April, with MSN Technology reporting that Samsung may unveil the Galaxy Gear 2 alongside the Galaxy S5 at the February 24 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. MSN also reported that a fitness and activity tracker called the Galaxy Band, similar in function to Nikes Fuelband, could also be launching at the event. Why Samsung is Reinventing Galaxy Gear Samsungs first foray into smartwatches, the Galaxy Gear 1, was received less than enthusiastically by consumers and critics alike.

Everyone And Their Mother Watched Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl Performance

Bruno Mars

Televisions Categories: Action , Movies , News , Paramount Pictures , Videos | 0 comments | This weekend, an approximate 100 million or so U.S. citizens will be glued to their television screens as the Seattle Seahawks play the Denver Broncos in the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. For an audience that large, $4 million for a 30-second commercial starts to sound fair, and Paramount Pictures are certainly not shying away from that pricetag. The studio has secured a slot for a new trailer promoting the release of their upcoming biblical epic NOAH , starring Russell Crowe. But you dont have to wait check it out embedded at the bottom of this article!Though mostly made of recycled scenes from the first full trailer , the few new scenes included in this ad aid in portraying the epic feel of the picture. Of note, one sequence seems to depicts comets coming down to Earth that appear to resemble the silhouette of a bird, or as some religious types might insist, are representations of angels. Watch it below and let us know what you think.

As TVs Lose Lustre, Panasonic Pushes Lower-Key Products


After all, early adopters could watch “Avatar” only so many times. By last year, the market for 3-D TVs was dwindling, with ESPN announcing the elimination of its 3-D-only sports channel. INTENSE COLORS The 4K monitors, which hit the market in earnest in 2013, use all of those extra pixels to offer richer, more intense colors. More bad news for the 3-D TV market – 4K screens are so vivid they almost look 3-D. “When people (on screen) are wearing badges, you can now read what’s on the badge,” said Netflix spokesman Joris Evers. “Or if someone is reading a newspaper, you want to make sure that what they’re reading is actually real stuff as opposed to ‘lorem ipsum.’ ” Manufacturers are also beefing up their 4K hardware as they bolster the movies and shows available in the new resolution.

NOAH Super Bowl Spot to Flood U.S. Televisions

Perhaps a bit more surprising was the fact that the showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos or the three-hour-long wait for Denver to do anything whatsoever was the most-watched television show in U.S. History. (111.5 million people tuned in on Sunday, narrowly topping 2012’s 111.3 million.) Not even a day after his blow-out performance, Mars’ Unorthodox Jukebox was also back at #1 on iTunes on Monday morning (February 3). His debut, Doowops and Hooligans, which dropped back in 2010 and houses such hits as “Grenade” and “Marry You” was back at #3 on the overall album list. Just last month, Mars beat out the likes of Robin Thicke, Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Justin Timberlake to take home the award for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 56th annual Grammy Awards.

Lenovo shares dive on Sony PC buy report, downgrades

People walk past a Lenovo shop in Hefei, Anhui province, October 18, 2013. REUTERS/Stringer

The research firm expects consumers to install 23 million smart sets by 2015. The possibilities and potential are exciting, not least to television manufacturers who’ve long been trapped in a dismal, low-margin business. In fact, it’s creating something of a scramble among smart TV makers, many of whom seem to think they’re duking it out to be crowned the Android or iOS of the smart-TV world. The result: A frenzied flowering of TV-based app platforms, few of which are compatible with one another. Which means low odds that any of them are going to attract sustained developer interest unless and until there’s some consolidation behind a few winners, a situation that doesn’t look likely to come about soon. Who’s The Smartest Of Them All? In the race to smarten up televisions, more than a few noteworthy smart-TV operating-system hopefuls are stepping up to the starting line.